Barrows is a minigame in DoomScape, it boasts being one of the best raw gold making methods in the entire game. It is an early-game attraction, and features positive returns all the way up to end-game.


Barrows is located in Morytania, but you can reach it very quickly by typing the command below


into public chat:


This will take you to the chest, and seven hills. Each hill will spawn a different brother, simply use a [[Shovel[add link/create page] to spawn your own.

Alternatively, another command teleports you here for [[Rise of the Six] link needed], that command is:


Rise of the Six is a far harder Barrows encounter, with some exceptional rewards.


Barrows is simple, all you need is a [[Shovel[add link/create page], Prayer Potions and some decent combat stats. It is a wonderful place to train summoning, because your Familiar will never be attacked.

Dig on the respective hill to spawn the respective brother, as pictured above, all you have to do is activate your protection prayer respective to what they are attacking with, the same brother will never change their attack style.

After 10 Kill-Count you may open the central chest for a guaranteed piece of Barrows gear and a little extra item. Items may also drop when you kill the brother, but only items that are related to that brother, for example: Ahrim may only drop Ahrim's gear.

Rewards Edit

Item Item Name High Alchemy Value Drop Quantity