What is Barrows? (Introduction)Edit

This is for the people that don't know what barrows is: Barrows is a minigame commonly found in various servers and runescape itself

In Barrows there are six rothers hence the name (Rots/Rise of The Six)

Ahrim The Blighted (Mage) Level 98

Kharil The Tainted (Range) Level 98

Torag The Corrupted (Melee) Level 115

Verac The Defiled (Melee) Level 115

Dharok The Wretched (Melee) Level 115

Guthan The Infested (Melee) Level 115

When competing in the Barrows Minigame on Doomscape it is important to bring sufficient Pray Pots a spade and no feed is Required if you are of appropriate combat level, There is no specific amount of players needed to play so you can go alone, When At the Barrows location using the Barrows Teleport you will see six mounds. The central Mound is Ahrims, The North eastern Mound is Dharoks, The Western Mound is Guthans, The Southern Mound is Kharils,The South Eastern is Torag ,And the North Eastern is Veracs.

If you wish to kill one of the six brothers individually then you will be required to go to the appropriate Mound and Dig using the spade, it is also highly Recommended to protect using pray from the brothers attack style Eg Verac is protect melee(level 43 Prayer) it is also important to have a sufficient combat level to kill the brothers so you do not die, however it is a safe zone so items are not lost! Don't Forget to watch your prayer so it does not drain and to use your pots.

On the other hand there is Rots(Rise of The Six) this is a minigame within barrows you activate it by speaking the wise old man, in this minigame you will get attacked by all six brothers across two waves, this is a difficult minigame so it is highly recommended to bring food and have good equipment!

The First wave will see you fighting ,Kharil the tainted,Dharok The Wretched and Torag the Corrupted .The second wave will then have you fighting Ahrim the Blighted, Verac the Defiled and Guthan the Infested

Finally you will be Wandering what the big chest is for on the central Mound, This chest is for a free barrows item Garunteed, You can check your kill count in the top Left hand corner of your screen, Every ten kills will garuntee you 1 chest and kills are stackable, Ps sometimes the brothers drop barrows items too ensure to check the floor for them, it also tells you in your chat box if they have, it is also recommended to high alch your barrows pieces you don't need, Happy Hunting