Castle WarsEdit

Welcome to Castle Wars, a team based PvP Minigame. Your goal is to kill the other team's avatar first. These are monsters with very high healthpoints, located on either side of the middle bridge area. It has it's own reward shop, interact with the NPC called Mike in the Castle Wars lobby.

To teleport to Castle Wars, type the command below into public chat:


After doing this, you will be teleported to the Castle Wars area. There is a bank chest here and 3 portals.

Saradomin and Zamorak portals will enter you directly into a team of your choice, whilst guthix will put you onto the team with the lowest amount of players (To balance the teams), after the player count has been reached and the timer hits 0, the game will begin (Provided a game isn't already running).

You will be teleported into your Castle, hence the name Castle Wars. Now you must proceed down the [[Stairs]add screenshot of stairs] and run directly to the middle bridge area, where you will fight for control and inevitably push to kill their avatar.

At the end of the game, the winning team will be rewarded with more tickets than the losing team.