Duel ArenaEdit

Welcome to the Duel Arena, here is our area for gambling!
There are a variety of activities to engage in, usually involving DoomScape's beautiful random number generation system, they are fair regardless of being staff, donator or free player.


Duel Screen 1
Staking/Dueling is a fair way of fighting another player, you can set specific conditions to control the variables of the fight. Duels are entirely fair, with all stats being reset to 99 upon entering the duel. There are no advantages to any players regardless of their rank or account mode. The first screen you'll see, is there you add what you're staking or modify the rules, by ticking or unticking the options in their circular boxes. You can view the staked items on the top left and top right boxes. Once you're ready to proceed.
Duel Screen 2

After this you will be moved to the confirmation window, this screen will state the rules, and the items being staked. Read carefully before accepting, it is not our responsibility if you are scammed.

Upon death, the items will be distributed to the winner (Who killed the other player). If there is a draw: The items will be returned to the respective players. Please stake responsibly.


Dicing is a way to gamble your hard-earned gold!

Currently, the only dicing setting is 55x2 which means,
Dicing 1
if the number rolled is higher than 55, you will recieve double the cash you put in. This puts the host in advantage, but if you're lucky you can still walk away with a stupendous amount of winnings!

To become a dicing host, you must own a [[Dice Bag]-Add link], your currency to pay out must be in your pouch, and you may only dice at the Duel Arena.