Default Max Cape

Max Cape is one of the most prestigious capes on DoomScape. Featuring some of the highest stats for the Cape equipment slot- As of now it does not have a customization feature(This is for a reason). The answer towards why that it's so prestigious would be it's demanding requirements, and outstanding stats.

  • You must be at least 2277 total level.
  • You must have at least 13 non-combat level 99s and have completed the Skiller task.

Bonuses Edit

Beforehand the equipment stats of the cape were briefly mentioned, and here is the full stat set for a Max Cape:

For those who can't see the image, they are listed below in text.

Max Cape Stats

Attack bonuses Edit

Stab +6

Slash +6

Crush +6

Magic +6

Range +6

Defence bonuses Edit

Stab +16

Slash +16

Crush +16

Magic +16

Range +16

Other bonuses Edit

Strength +12

Prayer +4

Customized Max Capes Edit


You may see a player now and then with a customized Max Cape, these players have obtained these capes for a variety of reasons from the Owner of DoomScape. The reason may vary, but it remains a reason to put work in and contribute to the quality of other players' gameplay experience. Although, if you do happen to put work in and feel like you deserve it. Do not expect to recieve it. Sometimes it's possible to receive one as a benefit of supporting the server, keep your eyes out for Doom's yells!