Elys8ian's Money Making for Starters Guide! Edit

So today, we will talk about money making on DoomScape RSPS: This is quite easy to get started with.

For new players it is very wise to train yourself to about level 50 in each melee/mage/range skill and to get 50 prayer before proceeding, fastest way is to start with a few Rock Crabs. Then to kill Hill Giants till you reach about 50 prayer. After this, you simply go to barrows through the magic tab then minigame teleports and then choose Barrows, as an alternative to this use the command below in public chat:


High alchemy is essential to make money here, there is not a huge demand for barrows pieces on the Player-Owned Shops, so be sure to level to 55 Magic, and then buy a few nature runes and five times as many fire runes. This will allow you to convert an item into it's inbuilt high alchemy value, which is very good for the Barrows brothers pieces, as shown below.

Barrows! Edit

What you will need for barrows! Of course some fighting equipment, high alch for alching the drops, few super restores/prayer pots and a spade.

And now you're all set to go to Barrows!

Barrows is simple and will be quite fast- You click on the spade to dig, and a npc will appear, make sure you have the right prayer on or you will take damage. It does take 10 kills to open the chest. The rewards you can alch for up to 58m depending on the items. If u start its like 300/400m an hour, very easy and scaling well as you improve your gear.

What do I alch? Edit

Below is a table stating the alch prices on everything worth your while to alchemise.

Item Name High Alchemy Price
Unholy Book 5.75M
Torag's Hammers 5.75M
Torag's Helm 5.75M
Torag's Platelegs 5.75M
Torag's Platebody 5.75M
Verac's Flail 14.3M
Verac's Helm 14.3M
Verac's Plateskirt 14.3M
Verac's Brassard 14.3M
Karil's Crossbow 11.5M
Karil's Coif 23M
Karil's Skirt 23M
Karil's Top 23M
Guthan's Warspear 23M
Guthan's Helm 34.5M
Guthan's Chainskirt 34.5M
Guthan's Platebody 34.5M
Dharok's Greataxe 43.1M
Dharok's Helm 43.1M
Dharok Platelegs 43.1M
Dharok Platebody 43.1M
Ahrim's Staff 57.5M
Ahrim's Hood 57.5M
Ahrim's Robe Skirt 57.5M
Ahrim's Robe Top 57.5M
(Barrows) Gloves 28.75M