Pest ControlEdit

Pest Control is a safe PvE minigame, you will face waves of enemies, attempting to destroy their source(2) (The portals). You main goal is to do so, before the central void knight (1) dies. It is possible to draw damage away from him, by taking aggro of the monsters attacking him and staying alongside him in the center. It is the only minigame to reward the coveted Void Knight Armour, which boosts your damage done with respective styles, granted that you are wearing 4 pieces of Void Knight Armour minimum.


To get to Pest Control, you can use the command below by entering it into Public Chat:


Alternatively, you may use your spellbook, Minigame Teleports and select Pest Control.


To enter the minigame lobby, board the ship closest to the teleport: There you must wait for the player count required to be met, and then the timer to reach 0. At which point, the game begins.

Then, you will be teleported (3) and proceed to fight the hoards of Pests.

The reward shop is located at the Void Knight(5), roaming North of the entry boat(4).