This NPC is unattackable, and provides a service to players.

The Quartermaster's function is to assign skill tasks (See Skilling Tasks).

He can found in Edgeville, just south of home teleport and north of the Gem Stall (Near  the bank, on the west side).

He has several dialogue functions:

His first dialogue is a message, talking to the player. Continue to reveal four additional options.

  1. I'd like a new task please!
  2. Cancel my task!
  3. What's my task again?
  4. Nothing thanks!

Option 1 will assign you a skill task, as explained in Skilling Tasks.

Option 2 will cancel your current Skilling Task.

Option 3 will remind you of your task, stating your current task in the dialogue box.

Option 4 will cancel the dialogue.