Revenant CaveEdit

This is a cave in DoomScape where you will find some strong monsters, ones that you can kill for some incredible loot. Though, this isn't  risk-free... The cave is in the Wilderness, therefore it is a PvP Enabled area. It should be noted that you should only bring what you are willing to lose, you could be killed at any moment. A variety of the monsters found in this cave have a high probability of being assigned as a Slayer task. Warning: Monsters here are aggressive (They will attack on sight)!


You can teleport directly to the Cave by clicking on your World Map icon, which will open up a teleport interface, from here you click 'Player-Killing' and then 'Wild Revenants', after this you will be teleported to the Revenant Goblins. It is your duty to learn the layout of the cave so that you may travel through it efficiently.


Alternatively, you can teleport directly to task using the Slayer master interface: Providing that you have the correct task.

Recommended SetupEdit

Looking for somebody to write an updated guide since overpowered gear was blacklisted in Wilderness.