Skilling TasksEdit

A great alternative for gold making, this is an introduction to skill tasks in DoomScape. The feature itself is fairly simple. Depending on your skill level and total level you shall receive a task scaled to your character. Upon completion of this task you will receive a sum of gold. This gold will increase as you complete more tasks or improve on your levels. The best way to gain currency from skilling tasks is to be as high as possible within all levels.

How do I begin?Edit

You can receive a task by talking to the Quartermaster, you will find him at Home. He is north of the Gem Stall. Type the command below into public chat to teleport to Home.


When you talk to him you will have four dialogue options. You can choose to receive a new task, cancel it (for 10 million Coins), check your task or to exit the dialogue.

After this you should simply complete the task you were assigned, for example:

If you are assigned to cut 73 Yew Logs, all you need to do is cut 73 Yew Logs and then your task will be complete. Rewards will be added to your inventory or your Money Pouch.


For completing a skilling task you will receive a buff to the amount of Gold Coins you receive per task. See below the formula for Gold Reward:

totalLevel = Your character's Total Skill Level (The sum of all levels).
maxLevel = Your character's level in the current task's appropriate skill.
taskAmt = Your character's completed task amount.
skillingActions = The amount of skilling interactions per task.

        part alpha = skillingActions * 10000
        part bravo = totalLevel / 100 / (maxLevel / 100)
        part charlie = taskAmt * totalLevel * maxLevel * 10

        goldReward = alpha * bravo + charlie

Cutting it Down to Basics Edit

If your levels are higher then you will receive better rewards per task and have a better scaling to the reward increase. If your aim is to ensure currency through skilling then it is essential that you reach higher levels within individual skills to optimise your chance of better rewards.

When completing a skill task there is a small chance to be rewarded a Random Chest item. This will replace one of your collecting/used skilling supplies in inventory; or be dropped to ground. This is dependent on the collected item's value.

This is set to the following formula:

There is a third reward of an amount of credits, this is set to the following formula:

credits = taskAmt / 100