Strength Guide Edit

This guide will be formatted the exact same as Attack, Defense, and HP.

Levels Edit

The max level for all skills is 120 at ~104.5m experience. Levels past 99 do affect your combat abilities.

120 Strength requires about 2 hours of playtime without donations or about 1:30 hours with top gear.

There are currently 25+ players with 200m Strength experience. It is one of the most common maxed skills in the game.

Training 1-99 Edit

The optimal route for 1-99 Strength is by killing Rock Crabs. This area can be accessed via the map button, selecting training, and then selecting the first option labeled "Rock Crabs."

Training 99-120 Edit

For 1-120, it would be best to begin barrows brothers killing to obtain gold, given that your other combat stats are around the same level. This can be accessed with the command ::rots.

The first player to reach 200m experience in Strength was Rou Rot.