What is Summoning? Edit

Summoning is one of DoomScape's 28 Skills- It is one of the most unique and beneficial skills to be found in-game.

Levelling Summoning can give you access to combat-familiars (pets) which aid you in battle. You can use these to Pet Block bosses (Using it to avoid melee damage), and aid you in dealing damage.

The most noteable feature of Summoning is the Mini Me Familiar, which is in many ways an extra Player for you to control while still using one account.

How do I train Summoning? Edit

To train Summoning, you must:

  1. Visit ::shops
  2. Talk to Pickupstix and purchase a couple of each pouch (You can bank nearby if necessary)
  3. Try to summon the higher-end pouches, they won't be able to be used, but you will get an idea of the requirement.
  4. Summon the Spirit Wolf (For level 1), and then go to ::train, ::barrows or other multi-combat areas. The familiar will attack in your defense! Once it deals damage, you will gain experience.
  5. Dismiss your pouch & summon the next one appropriate for your level once you have reached the level required.
  6. Repeat till Level 99 and even until Level 120.

Pikkupstix Pouch Perusal Edit

The pouches in the Summoning Store are tiered accordingly so that you may progress quickly.

Pouch Name Pouch Level Requirement
Spirit Wolf 1
Bronze Minotaur 10
Bunyip 20
War Tortoise 30
Steel Minotaur 40
Spirit Kyatt 50
Mithril Minotaur 60
Obsidian Golem 70
Iron Titan 80
Geyser Titan 85
Steel Titan 99
Pack Yak 99

Mini Me? Edit

As briefly mentioned above, there is a combat familiar which stands head and shoulders above the rest.

This familiar is your Mini Me.

Once you've reached 85 Summoning or alternatively, you are an Extreme Donator... You will be able to summon your Mini Me. This can be done by typing "Mini Come" into public chat, or by clicking the whistle in Summoning tab with no familiar yet summoned.

Now you must equip and level your Mini Me, as you did with your own character. They are an extension of yourself, and his levels will be saved along with your own. You must level them so that they may equip better gear & deal more damage.

Your Mini will be summoned into the world with the name Mini followed by the first 4 characters of your name and 2 random numbers, as well as the title Mini to help others to distinguish it.

For Example, Mini Mini Doom 33

Some items are not supported to be equipped by Mini Me's, and these items can be posted on Discord or Forums to request support being managed.