Enter these commands before your text to colour your in-game chat:

Light Red = @lre@
Red = @red@
Dark Red = @dre@
Yellow = @yel@
Blue = @blu@
Cyan = @cya@
Magenta = @mag@
Light Green = @gr1@
Green = @gr2@
Green = @gre@
Dark Green = @gr3@
White = @whi@
Black = @bla@
Light Orange = @or1@
Orange = @or2@
Orange = @ora@
Dark Orange = @or3@
(UNUSED)Random Colour = @ran@


  • If you want to use them in cc, enter '/' before the colour command and never enter it prior to /.
  • You can enter multiple per chat. For example:
@red@$ @bla@Selling Primal Rapier. @blu@PM me offers.
Text colouring example

Note: Doesn't work in normal chat.

Refer to this for public chat effects: Click Here.