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Below you will find generic tips and tricks submitted by players of the server, you will also see player-written guides. All credit goes to the author(s), do not edit without the authors permission to do so. Feel free to write your own!

Tips and Tricks Edit

  1. Always ensure that an item you wish to purchase is wearable, by confirming it with the seller. Ask them to wear it or confirm it in public chat. If they do so, and then happen to scam you then staff may follow this up.
  2. Read the Rules! Don't accidentally break them, ignorance is not innocence!

Player-written Guides Edit

Written by players, for players. This is a directory to access Player-written Guides.

  1. Text Colouring Guide
  2. Jordy's Barrows Guide
  3. Elys8ian's Starter Money Making Guide