Toxic blowpipe

The Toxic Blowpipe is two-handed Range weapon. It requires level 75 ranged to wield. It requires charges to be fired. To load it, you must add Zulrah Scales and Darts. It is considered one of the best ranged weapon choices due to its high rate of fire and consistent damage. Its special attack increases the damage of that shot by 50% and heals the player, and can even over-heal you.

Obtaining Edit

To obtain a toxic blowpipe, you must craft a tanzanite fang with a chisel, and have 1,000 nuggets in your inventory to be consumed. This requires 96 crafting and grants 45,000 crafting experience.

Item Stats Edit

Toxic blowpipe stats

The toxic blowpipe boasts a +150 ranged attack bonus. With its speed and consistency in hits, this makes it one of the most powerful range weapons available.