Warrior of DoomScape Edit

Warrior of DoomScape (often abbreviated to WoD) is an uninstanced boss, it has an unlimited team size because anybody can enter and join. No clan chat requirement. It is recommended to fight in a group, and to pray magic while the secondary boss is up (The Eye/Soulgazer[link]).

Mechanics Edit

The boss has 3 different forms: Melee, Magic and Ranged. It hits extremely high with all three, but the most damaging is Magic as it hits every player. The "Eye" is the same, hitting all players in the instance. It is recommended to pray magic for a majority of the fight.

If you do not kill (The Eye/Soulgazer[link]) first, the Warrior of DoomScape will heal a huge amount periodically, once the eye is killed it will heal less. It is a damage test.

Transport Edit

To teleport to eventboss or "WoD", type the command below into public chat.


Loot Sharing Edit

Loot will be split amongst the team randomly, with 3 rolls on the drop table per boss kill.

Drops Edit

Item Quantity Rarity
Saradomin Brew (4) 30 Common
Super Restore (4) 30 Common
Rocktail 30 Common
Magic Logs 100 Common
Runite Ore 30 Common
Dragon Bones 20 Common
Rune Bar 50 Common
Coins 5,000,000 Common
Dragon Bolts (e) 50 Common
Ruby Bolts (e) 100 Common
Cannonball 200 Common
Raw Shark 50 Common
Mysterious Lamp 1 Common
Crystal Key 1 Common
Fighter Torso 1 Common
Crystal Key 3 Rare
Firecape 1 Rare
Saradomin Sword 1 Rare
Dragon Defender 1 Rare
Dragon Boots 1 Rare
Dragonfire Shield 1 Rare
Abyssal Whip 1 Rare
Dragon Bones 40 Rare
Coins 10,000,000 Rare
Armadyl Godsword 1 Rare
Saradomin Godsword 1 Rare
Zamorak Godsword 1 Rare
Bandos Godsword 1 Rare
Dragon Claws 1 Rare
Bandos Chestplate 1 Rare
Bandos Tassets 1 Rare
Armadyl Helmet 1 Rare
Armadyl Chestplate 1 Rare
Armadyl Chainskirt 1 Rare
Crystal Key 5 Extremely Rare
Chaotic Staff 1 Extremely Rare
TokHaar-Kal 1 Extremely Rare
Primordial Boots 1 Extremely Rare
Pegasian Boots 1 Extremely Rare
Eternal Boots 1 Extremely Rare